Save the Date! Green Tara Nature Retreat: Luminous Wisdom & Action

khadiravaniYou are invited to join us for a beautiful and powerful half day retreat on April 27th, 9 am – 1 pm. To read all details and register, click here.

The Tibetan goddess Green Tara is beloved the world over as the luminous, emerald-green female Buddha of compassion and wise action. She has the remarkable ability to remain in meditative equipoise while simultaneously being out in the world helping all beings.

Symbolically, Green Tara holds her left leg inward (in a centering, meditation posture) while her right leg steps boldly outward, ready to help any and all who call upon her. She teaches us how to do the same, and she guides us to be extremely effective in overcoming obstacles, manifesting beneficial worldly goals, and coming to the swift support of others. 

In our lovely half-day retreat, we will connect deeply with Green Tara & her 21 colorful aspects though ceremony, story, and a variety of contemplative practices. We will dispel personal obstacles, release limits and fears, and call in support for bringing our deepest heart dreams to fruition.

We will also discover beauty way hummingbird at rest from Latisha FBconnections with the wild and medicinal shamanic plants surrounding our retreat setting in the park. Finally, we will create a blessing field to support, protect, heal, and transform Earth and world issues that are calling to each of us, and that need deeply luminous wisdom and enlightened action. 

To read all details and register, click here.

Spring Nature Walk & Other Enchanting Adventures

6_fairy hikers returnEarly spring is upon us, and our Sonoran desert is sparkling with Mexican poppies and other pretty wildflowers.

Sacred Nature Retreats has been in a dreamy hibernation period these last few months, and like the fresh flowers around us, now marks the emergence of Sacred Nature Retreats in a renewed format. Celebration time!

You are invited to join creative nature guide Alyson Greene and botanical educator Dr. Tanya Renner for our Spring Nature Walk in the Sonoran Desert on Sunday, February 23rd at 1 pm. Identify plants, learn natural history, hear medicinal plant stories, experience creative nature meditations, and create a colorful nature journal to record your day’s adventures. Beauty and adventure!

BALSAMIC MOON LARGEOn Thursday, February 27 at 6:30 pm, it is time to draw ourselves inward in ceremony for the Sacred Moon Circle during the spiritually potent Balsamic Moon phase. This is the time of depth and wisdom, when we acknowledge and release all that has come to fruition in recent weeks, and prepare ourselves for bringing in the New Moon. What do we wish to build and create for our next phase? What heart seeds call out to be planted? The Balsamic Moon time carries many blessings. Join Alyson Greene for this evening of sacred adventure.

SNR peace fair 2013Come see the Sacred Nature Retreats booth at the Tucson Peace Fair & Music Festival on Saturday, February 22 from 11:00 – 5:00. Our booth will feature spontaneous blessing poems, shamanic mini-journeys, and other magical surprises.

Many blessings of a happy and prosperous spring to you–and to everyone!

Welcome to Sacred Nature Retreats

Our website is under construction. Many beautiful new changes (and projects) are on the horizon. To read about recent retreats and outings, click on the links above, or scroll to previous posts on this page.

What is coming next you ask?
Beautiful question! 

Alyson Greene will be offering her work in these five ways:

  • Ceremony
  • Nature retreats
  • Story performance
  • Environmental education
  • Spontaneous blessing poems

To be among the first to hear about our offerings, outings, and events, you are invited to sign up for our newsletter (below). New edition will be coming soon!

Sign up here for news (nature offerings, outings, and events), and sweet surprises: 

Thank you and many blessings to you!

August Retreat – New Directions Emerging

Alyson and Don are on retreat in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona . . . hummingbirds, rainbows, green trees, and beautiful clouds abound. After a long, hot summer, this is a time of much-needed rest and reflection. Ahhhh.

White Moutains river retreatNew perspectives and clarity are emerging. As we enter autumn, Sacred Nature Retreats will be evolving in new directions. Alyson is feeling called to swirl inward and create and write from a much more internally focussed place . . . There will be fewer events but more creative expression in the months ahead! Stay tuned for updates and offerings.

We send many, many blessings of wild waters and gorgeous green to you all!

Early summer ephemeral adventures, ceremony, and delight – You are invited!

Sunset Circle – Celebrating Mountains – May 27


Join sacred nature guide Alyson Greene for an enchanting evening adventure in our Tucson Mountains, up at Gates Pass. We will honor and celebrate the wisdom of our Tucson Mountains through a magical evening of shamanic drum journeying and with the reading of mountain prayer poems.  Click here to read more. 

Announcing “Tucson Sacred Nature NOW” – flash mob ephemeral ceremonies!

6_fairy hikers returnSacred Nature Retreats is very excited to announce our new project: Tucson Sacred Nature NOW. We will be following the Sonoran desert summer season with spontaneous ceremonies, circles, and celebrations! On the spot, we will be there for the first monsoon rainhigh-flowing wash rivers (to call back Tucson’s historic river waters!), spadefoot toad emergence excitementnative cacti bloom bonanzas, and other wild and amazing seasonal nature phenomena.

“How do I get notified?” you ask. We will email Tucson nature NOW flash alerts, and soon we will have Twitter and text alerts available too. Sign up below and stay tuned! Click her to sign up for Tucson Sacred Nature NOW flash alerts.

BAT NIGHT adventure journey in Rillito Wash – Fri., June 14

BATSJoin us for a mysterious evening adventure. Our sunset journey will be guided by Tucson’s famous shamanic flyers of the night–our own Rillito River bats. Each evening at dusk, all summer long, thousands of bats swoop and swirl out from their daytime roost (under the Campbell bridge) and into the night. Watching this evening ritual is an awe-inspiring event in itself . . . but tonight we will do more than bear witness; we will journey with them ourselves!

In various tribal, shamanic cultures, Bat is a symbol of rebirth. Often bat accompanies those undergoing great change, transformation, or ego death (release of old habits, old identities, old ways of being). At this potent time in history, what inside of you is being let go . . . Or being reborn? Bat is a fabulous ally in such times. Click here to read more.

Autumn Sacred Nature Retreat in the Wild - stay tuned

joanna treeWe are looking forward to our upcoming Autumn Sacred Nature Retreat, however details have yet to be revealed. Mystery!

Our April Sacred Nature Retreat along the San Pedro River was inspiring and very beautiful. We sat in circle by the river, journeyed with the evening sky by campfire, and explored larger topics of earth and goodness and ethics in our world. We made deep intentions and prayers for the San Pedro River lands, immersed ourselves in the river and the natural history of our place, and we met Rattlesnake and Gila Monster, as well as other reptiles living in the Snake House. We got to touch–and even hold–these shamanic animals, and then we journeyed to Snake with the shamanic drum journey. Powerful. For me (Alyson) personally, I felt the strong call to merge ceremony and earth-protection activism in this work. I feel an autumn retreat coming, but details have yet to be revealed. Stay tuned! Click here to see photos of our recent retreat.

Nature Notes from Alyson Greene, Director of Sacred Nature Retreats

salmon55af5aEarly summer is upon us. Gorgeous white saguaro blossoms are blooming, and there is an inviting softness to our evenings now. At our recent Institute for the Shamanic Arts full moon labyrinth walk (which I co-host each month), we celebrated the wild waters. Many of us dressed in sparkly blue to welcome in the monsoon season, which will be coming very soon. Some of us even wore fish hats on our heads (see photo ), ha! There is a potent feeling now in the air that many things are possible now, including seasonal/personal/planetary transformation and–yes, playfulness and joy too!

I am looking forward to sharing in many nature-based delights, seasonal changes, and magical possibilities of this summer through Sacred Nature Retreat’s Tucson Sacred Nature NOW flash mob ephemeral ceremonies! I am especially excited for our first rain of the season!! I invite you to join Sacred Nature Retreats as we discover the enchantment of this season together.

A wilderness of shamanic totems — Join us in retreat April 19 – 21

2_tea spot foundYou are invited to join Sacred Nature Retreats and the Institute for the Shamanic Arts for a shamanic nature retreat along the San Pedro River, April 19 – 21, 2013. What should I expect, you ask? Your sacred nature guide for the retreat, Alyson Greene, explains . . .

We will share a beautiful, engaging weekend retreat with a relaxed schedule. The intention is for participants to experience deep connection with nature and with self, and through this to experience rest, renewal and replenishment. We will also send strong intentions and wishes for the well-being and health of the San Pedro River and all of the river’s plants and animals (both year-round inhabitants and seasonal visitors), which will include all of us.

Standing_jaguarA place of beauty and magic, the San Pedro River is home to many shamanic beings. We will journey where Jaguar walks and Hummingbird flies. Jaguar tracks have been spotted in riverside sand just a short distance downriver from our retreat lands! Along with hundreds of migrating birds, and resident beavers, the nature center is also home to Sandy Anderson’s “reptile house” with her personal rattlesnake and other snakes.

Sandy is a naturalist with many years of experience handling wild snakes, and under her guidance, we may have the rare and precious opportunity to see Rattlesnake up close . . . and, if we wish, to hold a baby rattlesnake, stretched out in a little plastic tube (wow!), which is the way herpetologists study them. Then we will journey. . . 

cmn-raven-01_13588_600x450And there is more. The nature center’s ranch land (our cooking and campfire area) also has resident Deer, who gently glide by, as well as a friendly Roadrunner and two resident Ravens who call and caw overhead.

With these shamanic wildlife companions and the gorgeous cottonwood-willow riparian forest as your retreat habitat, you will be guided in ceremony and creative nature meditations, as well as experiencing plenty of time to follow your own pace of river resting, napping, hiking, relaxing, and exploring. For more information, see our retreat webpage by clicking here. Space is limited! We hope you will register today and join us for this very magical retreat weekend. Blessings to you.