Garden Meditation Art at Saturday’s Sacred Nature Mini-Retreat

Priya with ChardAt Saturday’s Sacred Nature Mini-Retreat, we walked mindfully to the park, flew (and grew) like tree seeds, and created meditation art by garden vegetables–and with dark chocolate. A very nourishing morning! Thank you everyone. Click here to see more photos.

Join us for Sacred Nature Mini-Retreat #2! Details to be posted soon . . .

NEW! Sacred Nature Mini-Retreat (Jan. 17th)

hummingbird at rest

Hummingbird at rest, contemplating the nectar . . .

Welcome! Do you want an amazing 2015? . . . This year can be your year of nourishment, good health, creative expression, financial wellness, and love!

To support you, I am offering something new: Sacred Nature Mini-Retreats (2-3 hours each).

Even a busy hummingbird needs a resting place, a little perch where she can be held and nourished. These Saturday morning mini-retreats are intended to be your perch–a happy place to center your mind, stretch and relax your body, and connect with your own inner guidance & creativity. Your own retreat and re-charge time. . . all within part of a morning. These mini-retreats will be hosted by Alyson Greene. (You can read more about me by clicking here.)

Q. When?
A. Our first mini-retreat will be held next Saturday, January 17th, from 10 am – noon.

Q. Where?
 We will begin our first mini-retreat morning at a private residence near Himmel Park, and part of our retreat morning will take place in the park. Future locations TBA.

Q. WOW! This is just what I need! How do I sign up now?
A. CLICK HERE to register.

Q. What will the experience be like? What will we do? What should I expect?
Each mini-retreat will offer a balanced variety of experiences, such as these examples (below). Our January 17th mini-retreat will include a few of these types of experiences: 

  • GTNR 5AIR: Centering your mind (such as mindful-walking meditation, creative nature meditations, or deep resting practice, etc.)
  • hikers returnEARTH: Stretching & relaxing your body (simple yoga stretches or playful dance movements, no experience necessary) & connecting with the Earth (nature discovery walks, medicinal plant tastings, or easy nature/plant art activities, etc.)
  • Painting in the washFIRE: Connecting with your inner guidance & creativity through the creative/inward arts (sensory-activating art & music activities, shamanic drum journeying, or visual journaling, etc.)
  • IMG_3775WATER: Nourishing your heart by enjoying these connections to your deeper self (& creative inspirations!) while in the company of sweet community doing the same.

Q. What should I wear and bring?
A. Dress for the weather. Wear comfortable clothing that you can stretch in. Bring a yoga mat, blanket, or camping pad to stretch and relax upon. Also, bring a water bottle and sun (or rain) hat. Optional: a journal and/or colored pencils or pens.

Q. What is the cost/value of this experience?
A. Naming a price is always a delicate matter. What is the “value” of an experience like this? Priceless, right? I wish to be inclusive to all and to be fair, and I also wish to cover all expenses. So here is the answer: Sliding scale (self-selected based on your current financial situation): $15 – $30. And, yes I am open to exchanges, trades, etc. If you would like to propose one, please contact me here, thank you. May all beings be financially healthy in 2015!

Q. This all sounds great! How often do we get to do this?
A. Mini-retreats will be offered about once every two months through 2015, and sometimes more frequently. Stay tuned!

Q. More questions? 
A. Contact me by clicking here. Thank you!

REGISTER NOW! HERE’S HOW: Fill out this simple email form, and I’ll send you the address & directions.

THANK YOU for registering. You will receive a confirmation email with address & directions very soon.

Bat Night Adventure – A Journey into Mystery, Art, and Sky

Setting up & preparing for our evening

Setting up & preparing for our evening

On Sunday evening, August 24, our little group of adventurers gathered in the Rillito River near dusk to await the evening flight of the beloved, gentle bats. We journeyed to the drumbeat at these mysterious winged mammals of the night swooped and swirled above us. Many messages and insights were received. Thank you bats. We support you always. Love!

Bat Night screenshot

Bat Medicine Journey with Watercolor by Priya Lin

Bat Medicine Journey with Watercolor by Priya Lin

3rd Annual Bat Night Adventure Journey – August 24, 2014

Bat Night Adventure Journey 2013

Bat Night Adventure Journey 2013

Join us for a mysterious evening adventure on Sunday, August 24 at 6 pm. Our sunset journey will be guided by Tucson’s famous shamanic flyers of the night–our own Rillito River bats.

Each evening at dusk, all summer long, thousands of bats swoop and swirl out from their daytime roost (under the Campbell bridge) and into the night. Watching this evening ritual is an awe-inspiring event in itself . . . but tonight we will do more than bear witness; we will journey with them ourselves! With the steady beat of the shamanic drum, you will be invited to enter a journey/trance state to receive messages and inner guidance.

Alyson drumming with the bats in 2012

Alyson drumming with the bats in 2012

In various tribal, shamanic cultures, Bat is a symbol of rebirth. Often bat accompanies those undergoing great change, transformation, or ego death (release of old habits, old identities, old ways of being). At this potent time in history, what inside of you is being let go . . . Or being reborn? Bat is a fabulous ally in such times.

Bat Night Adventure Journey is back again by popular request. We had much enthusiasm and enjoyment during Bat Nights in 2012 and 2013. One participant commented, “It was magical and awe-inspiring when Alyson drummed and we watched the bats fly into the sunset.”

CLICK HERE for all the details.

Ocean blessing prayer

Ocean waves


♥   Prayers of biggest love and deepest dedication of merit today towards: the Pacific Ocean (for the wisest-possible solution to Japan’s nuclear oozing, clearing of the waters, and protection of all marine & coastal life), and for pacifying Earth’s erratic weather patterns and calming of climate warming, and toward bountiful rains wherever needed on Earth at this time, and for abundant and accessible drinking water for all beings who drink water, and for an immediate ceasing of any killing of whales and dolphins, and for fully enlightened environmental & social justice (& LOVE) for all beings everywhere in all realms for all times starting in this very moment! Thank you.   

Green Tara Nature Retreat – Our Blessing Circle of 10

These photos offer small glimpses into the blessing field of our Tara nature retreat on Sunday, April 27. Much loving energy was felt within our circle of 10 retreat participants, and many blessing were sent outward toward all. ♥!

Photo 1 (left) – Altar (before the food offerings arrived, and before our sticks and rocks and flowers were gathered and added around) . . .

Green Tara: luminous emerald-green female Buddha of compassion, Mother of the Buddhas, and Dakini of wise actions already-accomplished!




Photo 2 (right) – The sweet spring weather was kind to us . . . such a lovely morning for a nature retreat (after Saturday’s sweet rain).

Photo 3 (below) – With ancient, purifying chaparral as our guardian and clearer of obstacles, we carried little soft seeds into the center of the stone labyrinth . . . to release the old and to set intentions toward our heart dreams coming in anew, fully supported.



Photo 4 (below) – Ceremony, story, journey, meditation, “Praises to the 21 Taras” practice, food offerings enjoyed, and blessing woven and wished into the world. May great benefit for the Earth and all beings arise! ♥!! Thank you everyone, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Photo 5 (below) – Here we are at the end of the retreat (4 more private participants not present in photo). Also, around us – felt, but not photographed – fields of Taras of many brilliant colors!! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥

Thank you to everyone who was present, and also to all of you who supported this retreat happening (support that occurred in many different ways and forms)! Thank you especially to beloved retreat assistant and partner Don May, and to my little 3-year-old niece Uma (and her mom, my sister Alycia) who have inspired so much of everything. Much deep gratitude. Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha!! ♥!GTNR 6