Ocean blessing prayer

Ocean waves


♥   Prayers of biggest love and deepest dedication of merit today towards: the Pacific Ocean (for the wisest-possible solution to Japan’s nuclear oozing, clearing of the waters, and protection of all marine & coastal life), and for pacifying Earth’s erratic weather patterns and calming of climate warming, and toward bountiful rains wherever needed on Earth at this time, and for abundant and accessible drinking water for all beings who drink water, and for an immediate ceasing of any killing of whales and dolphins, and for fully enlightened environmental & social justice (& LOVE) for all beings everywhere in all realms for all times starting in this very moment! Thank you.   

Green Tara Nature Retreat – Our Blessing Circle of 10

These photos offer small glimpses into the blessing field of our Tara nature retreat on Sunday, April 27. Much loving energy was felt within our circle of 10 retreat participants, and many blessing were sent outward toward all. ♥!

Photo 1 (left) – Altar (before the food offerings arrived, and before our sticks and rocks and flowers were gathered and added around) . . .

Green Tara: luminous emerald-green female Buddha of compassion, Mother of the Buddhas, and Dakini of wise actions already-accomplished!




Photo 2 (right) – The sweet spring weather was kind to us . . . such a lovely morning for a nature retreat (after Saturday’s sweet rain).

Photo 3 (below) – With ancient, purifying chaparral as our guardian and clearer of obstacles, we carried little soft seeds into the center of the stone labyrinth . . . to release the old and to set intentions toward our heart dreams coming in anew, fully supported.



Photo 4 (below) – Ceremony, story, journey, meditation, “Praises to the 21 Taras” practice, food offerings enjoyed, and blessing woven and wished into the world. May great benefit for the Earth and all beings arise! ♥!! Thank you everyone, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Photo 5 (below) – Here we are at the end of the retreat (4 more private participants not present in photo). Also, around us – felt, but not photographed – fields of Taras of many brilliant colors!! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥

Thank you to everyone who was present, and also to all of you who supported this retreat happening (support that occurred in many different ways and forms)! Thank you especially to beloved retreat assistant and partner Don May, and to my little 3-year-old niece Uma (and her mom, my sister Alycia) who have inspired so much of everything. Much deep gratitude. Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha!! ♥!GTNR 6

Save the Date! Green Tara Nature Retreat: Luminous Wisdom & Action

khadiravaniYou are invited to join us for a beautiful and powerful half day retreat on April 27th, 9 am – 1 pm. To read all details and register, click here.

The Tibetan goddess Green Tara is beloved the world over as the luminous, emerald-green female Buddha of compassion and wise action. She has the remarkable ability to remain in meditative equipoise while simultaneously being out in the world helping all beings.

Symbolically, Green Tara holds her left leg inward (in a centering, meditation posture) while her right leg steps boldly outward, ready to help any and all who call upon her. She teaches us how to do the same, and she guides us to be extremely effective in overcoming obstacles, manifesting beneficial worldly goals, and coming to the swift support of others. 

In our lovely half-day retreat, we will connect deeply with Green Tara & her 21 colorful aspects though ceremony, story, and a variety of contemplative practices. We will dispel personal obstacles, release limits and fears, and call in support for bringing our deepest heart dreams to fruition.

We will also discover beauty way hummingbird at rest from Latisha FBconnections with the wild and medicinal shamanic plants surrounding our retreat setting in the park. Finally, we will create a blessing field to support, protect, heal, and transform Earth and world issues that are calling to each of us, and that need deeply luminous wisdom and enlightened action. 

To read all details and register, click here.

Spring Nature Walk & Other Enchanting Adventures

6_fairy hikers returnEarly spring is upon us, and our Sonoran desert is sparkling with Mexican poppies and other pretty wildflowers.

Sacred Nature Retreats has been in a dreamy hibernation period these last few months, and like the fresh flowers around us, now marks the emergence of Sacred Nature Retreats in a renewed format. Celebration time!

You are invited to join creative nature guide Alyson Greene and botanical educator Dr. Tanya Renner for our Spring Nature Walk in the Sonoran Desert on Sunday, February 23rd at 1 pm. Identify plants, learn natural history, hear medicinal plant stories, experience creative nature meditations, and create a colorful nature journal to record your day’s adventures. Beauty and adventure!

BALSAMIC MOON LARGEOn Thursday, February 27 at 6:30 pm, it is time to draw ourselves inward in ceremony for the Sacred Moon Circle during the spiritually potent Balsamic Moon phase. This is the time of depth and wisdom, when we acknowledge and release all that has come to fruition in recent weeks, and prepare ourselves for bringing in the New Moon. What do we wish to build and create for our next phase? What heart seeds call out to be planted? The Balsamic Moon time carries many blessings. Join Alyson Greene for this evening of sacred adventure.

SNR peace fair 2013Come see the Sacred Nature Retreats booth at the Tucson Peace Fair & Music Festival on Saturday, February 22 from 11:00 – 5:00. Our booth will feature spontaneous blessing poems, shamanic mini-journeys, and other magical surprises.

Many blessings of a happy and prosperous spring to you–and to everyone!

Welcome to Sacred Nature Retreats

Our website is under construction. Many beautiful new changes (and projects) are on the horizon. To read about recent retreats and outings, click on the links above, or scroll to previous posts on this page.

What is coming next you ask?
Beautiful question! 

Alyson Greene will be offering her work in these five ways:

  • Ceremony
  • Nature retreats
  • Story performance
  • Environmental education
  • Spontaneous blessing poems

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