About Alyson Greene

Alyson Greene is the director of Sacred Nature Retreats and your guide for the journeys

bio pictAlyson is a nature guide, storyteller, blessing artist, environmental educator, and a passionate devotee of wild nature.

Over the last 16 years, Alyson has led a wide variety of nature adventures, inner journeys, hiking trips, classes, ceremonies, and circles celebrating the natural world. Alyson’s great love is sharing the beauty and deep interconnectedness of wild nature and all beings. Sometimes she shares spontaneous blessing poems. Her retreats and events are loving, playful, and transformative.

blessingAlyson fell in love with the wilderness in college during many long hikes and backpacking trips, while working as a park ranger naturalist in Glacier National Park. She has since experienced many beautiful journeys in the wild (solo backpacking, sailing, and camping), as well as numerous Buddhist meditation retreats in or by nature.

After having spent countless hours in contemplation, reflection, and ceremony in the wild, she has led many groups of adults, children, and at-risk teens into nature, both as a field naturalist and as a leader of nature awareness activities.

Alyson has studied with a variety of herbalists and shamanic practitioners and is now a shamanic practitioner herself (one who practices Earth-based healing arts). She especially enjoys sharing her love of plants and ethnobotany—the historic and modern human uses of plants, including herbal medicine.

6_fairy hikers returnAlyson holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Education and Nonprofit Leadership from Western Washington University and the North Cascades Institute (2005), and she is a certified Montessori elementary teacher.

Alyson recently guided youth programs as an education specialist at Tucson Botanical Gardens, and prior to that, she taught Montessori elementary students. In addition to directing Sacred Nature Retreats, Alyson is now the volunteer services coordinator at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.

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