3rd Annual Bat Night Adventure Journey 2014

BatsJoin us for a mysterious evening adventure on Sunday, August 24 at 6 pm. Our sunset journey will be guided by Tucson’s famous shamanic flyers of the night–our own Rillito River bats.

Each evening at dusk, all summer long, thousands of bats swoop and swirl out from their daytime roost (under the Campbell bridge) and into the night. Watching this evening ritual is an awe-inspiring event in itself . . . but tonight we will do more than bear witness; we will journey with them ourselves! With the steady beat of the shamanic drum, you will be invited to enter a journey/trance state to receive messages and inner guidance.

In various tribal, shamanic cultures, Bat is a symbol of rebirth. Often bat accompanies those undergoing great change, transformation, or ego death (release of old habits, old identities, old ways of being). At this potent time in history, what inside of you is being let go . . . Or being reborn? Bat is a fabulous ally in such times.

Bat journey
Bat Night Adventure Journey 2013

Bat Night Adventure Journey is back again by popular request. We had much enthusiasm and enjoyment during Bat Nights in 2012 and 2013. One participant commented, “It was magical and awe-inspiring when Alyson drummed and we watched the bats fly into the sunset.”

In 2014, our Bat Night will be held on the eve of the new moon, when we are still in the mystery of the balsamic (or dark) moon phase. The balsamic phase is a spiritually potent time for releasing all that is ready to be composted before the planting of the new . . . a beautiful time for a Bat journey.

When: Sunday, August 24 at 6 pm.

Where: We will meet at the Campbell Bridge near St. Philip’s Plaza. (See directions/map below.) From there, we will walk a short distance into the wash, just out of the reach of streetlights—and safely out of guano range—yet still below the high flight path of our winged mammalian guides.

What to bring: Bring drinking water and a mat or blanket (or whatever will make a cozy nesting place for you as you rest in the sandy wash while journeying). Also, wear good closed-toe walking shoes, and bring a flashlight if you have one. We will be walking on damp, uneven ground for about 6 minutes. We will walk slowly.

Suggested donation: $10 This circle is offered by donation. Thank you for your generosity. NOTE: No one will be turned away for low or lack of funds. If you feel called to join us, please do not let the “suggested donation” prevent you from attending. All are welcome.

Alyson drumming with the bats in 2012
Alyson drumming with the bats in 2012

Alyson Greene is your host for the evening. She is a nature guide, shamanic storyteller, and blessing artist. She is also the director of Sacred Nature Retreats. Since 1998, she has facilitated a variety of outings and circles celebrating the natural world. As a student of the Dharma since 1994, Alyson also hosts meditation gatherings. Her circles and events are loving, playful, and transformative.

Alyson would like you to know that she once dressed up in a fabulous handmade bat costume for Halloween (when she was four years old). Certainly, this experience must have made a subtle shamanic imprint. 🙂

To register: Fill out this from. Please note how many people will be attending in the “Comment” field. NOTE: You may also use this form to ask questions or get more information. Thank you.

Map and directions: 

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